Steven M. Hernandez

Astro (2020)

Steven M. Hernandez

Each year, I design a small interactive robot.
This space ship was designed for 2020.
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Technical Details:

  • Materials: Satin powder-coated aluminum, solid walnut, black PLA filament, glass, electrical components.
  • Features: 4.0" IPS display, four rectangular tactile switches, two-position rotary key switch.
  • Programming: Pico-8 (Lua), Raspberry Pi (Python), Arduino (C), Virtual Reality (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • 3D Modeling: Fusion 360

In space, you are alone with the stars. Your only company is the inside of your spaceship as you watch the planets and stars pass by your viewport.

You can travel to different planets through virtual reality.

(Try exploring the planets yourself by hovering over them and tapping.)

The galaxy is vast and you can only reach distance planets by hopping planet-to-planet. (Click and drag and use the arrow keys or WASD keys to explore the universe.)

Press the play button and use arrow keys to search the planets

Search planets to discover new ship components

to extend your reach through space.

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